Automatic Drawing

Hello humans ^^

In the past few days I have been busy drawing and learning about different methods of drawing. I learned about a new technique on YouTube that they called “Automatic Drawing”.
At first I thought it would be some kind of machine that draws for you, similar to a printer, but with a pencil or something. But then I took a closer look at it and was actually fascinated!

These artists didn’t follow any rules while drawing and had no specific goal in mind, they looked at it as a meditation for artists. A meditation that keeps the mind clear and preserves the joy in drawing.
When you draw automatically you keep motives, goals and expectations aside and just let the hand draw what comes naturally.

One might think that when you do that, nothing will happen but your hand might actually create some of the most interesting shapes. I personally think that while doing that you are creating things that are even closer to your own emotions and impressions than usually, you basically express things that come from the depths of yourself. It can just be hard to make out something that actually make sense. 🙂
There are no figures or objects that exist in reality, even if you might recognize some in there later.

Now! I have tried this drawing technique and just let my soul and my feelings draw which resulted in the following:

Feel free to write in the comments if you can recognize anything in there!
Or just try the technique yourselves, it’s really fun and good for relaxing. 🙂 ..It’s not about creating something that looks particularly good. x)

I wish you a great rest of your day!


P.S.: This is the link to the Video where I found this technique.
P.P.S.: Sorry for the bad image quality!