Modern problems

Hello human beings,

I am socially awkward.
I share my thoughts in a blog online instead of talking to people.
I don’t talk often anyway because I think I’m different and I wouldn’t expect anyone to deal with my peculiarities.
Of course I have mental problems.
Not least because I keep myself away from people. You do what’s necessary and then you go back to your corner, huh?
Seems like that’s what I’m doing.
Am I doing it like this?
I spend most of my life alone.
To at least pretend that I have social contacts, I use the internet.
There’s a lot of stuff here that pretends to be something it’s not. On many levels.
But in the end we are all lonely.
I’m sitting alone in my room pretending I’m not.

In most cases, the solution is exactly in the things you’re trying to avoid.

I’m going to meet some nice people over the weekend. ^^

And you?

Best regards

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