Pack animal

Sometimes you think there’s no way out. You have already thought of all sorts of things, drawn the conclusions and it doesn’t change anything.
You only understand the solution when it’s told by someone you truly believe.
How should you help yourself when your own thoughts deceive you?

The light in the dark, it shines so bright
It hurts my eyes, but I don’t search for long
The way out of darkness, it’s open to me
What I guessed before, now it’s here.

But the light is everything I need
Now light is coming from within
Hope, vigour, they aren’t there yet
You bring them closer with every word you say

I thought I could defeat life
It wrecked me, brought me to the ground
What’s the point of thinking but not believing?
Light, light, it takes away my senses

But I didn’t see clearer before:
Even the lonely wolf is a pack animal.

– Amy

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