Carpe diem?

Hello. 🙂

Today is a nice day.
Maybe a little too warm but still nice.
I wanna do something nice and use the day for something productive.

Back in the day I would have used a day like this just like any other day for the same old things.
Well, I think I waited.
Waited for someone to get me to do something nice and stop me from letting a day like this pass by while doing nothing.
But why?
I could have just done it. Just like that.
Get up, go outside, at least go for a walk.
It sounded impossible.

But what was keeping me there?
You may call it „one’s weaker self“ or simply „laziness“.
But the actual reason was that I thought I needed someone else to make me happy.
Someone who makes me do the things that I actually want to do.

I couldn’t take responsibility for myself.

Sure, this is a developmental step that every person should take.
But now that I experience it myself it really gets me. 🙂

Now I want it, I am ready, even if I feel bad sometimes.
I want to make myself feel better and paint my life in the colors that I like best and not let it stay gray just because I am too lazy.

Sometimes it needs work to be happy, but it’s worth it!

Good luck

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